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I just wanted to let you know that we are so very happy that we chose your company when we started our company back in 1999! You and your "team" have done an outstanding job and we couldn't be more pleased. We highly recommend you to everyone in the field and hope that our relationship continues for a long time.

I wanted to tell you that because good service isn't always recognized properly ... we recognize and we thank you!

Dyanne Walker, Web Teks, Inc.

I have had my Internet accounts with Ultimate Host for over 6 years. That in itself should be a testimony since everyone that provides hosting offers one deal or another for your business.

I currently work with or have around 20 web domains hosted by Ultimate Host and I can tell you as a web designer it is so important to have a company you can trust and Ultimate Host can be trusted with your business needs.

Ultimate Host has provided excellent service. Downtime has been non existent and response to my needs have been within hours, not days.

I would recommend anyone who is looking for the comfort of not worrying about a Internet Host and who is looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and professional Internet company, to look no further.

Robert C Smith, www.CreativeCDRom.com

We have hosted our domains on your servers and provided our clients with hosting services as resellers of your service for quite some time now and want to spread the word concerning how pleased we are with your services and personnel. The people you have working for you are an absolute pleasure to work with and have served us with nothing less than professional courtesy, effectiveness and timely assistance. We have been exposed to hosting services for many years before settling with you and have had our fair share of lousy experiences. Believe me when I say that we know the difference between a great host and one that sucks so badly we can hear them coming. Ultimate Host is a great host bar none.

Rich Stanek, Turnkey Internet Services

In a time when service is so lacking by many companies your company sets a new standard. I just wanted to say thank you we will be referring others to your great service. Todd Laraba

After having a bad experience with another web hosting company, I signed up with Ultimate Host. My website is not a business, and I am no web master. This site is purely a hobby and an opportunity for me to expand my horizons.

The crew at Ultimate Host has been extremely helpful anytime I have called. The staff is more accessible than most and I have always been treated with nothing but courtesy and respect. My previous web-hosting company really didn't want to offer much help since I am not a professional programmer or designer. My hat is off to you guys, thanks for being a great help to me!

Ben Raptis

"I have nothing but great respect for such a customer dedicated and hard working team. You have exeeded all my expectations, THANK YOU to all who make my hosting experience operate so smoothly!"

Waide Marshall, BlueCube Designs

"The personal, professional attention that MJ Marketing has given me has gone beyond my expectations. The creative, colorful, eye-catching Website that you designed truly captures the uniqueness of Heritage House Country Inn and even more importantly has exposed our Inn to an entirely new and effective market."

Mary Simet, Director of Sales, Heritage House Country Inn

This e-mail serves no other purpose other than to thank you for the high level of service you provide. I visit various webmaster sites quite often and am astonished at the treatment some hosts give to their customers. Not only have I experienced fantastic quality of service from you, but also on those few rare occasions that I had a problem my questions were answered quickly and to my satisfaction. I recommend you without hesitation and feel very lucky I was able to stumble across such a great host who obviously cares about its customers. I look forward to building a lasting business relationship.

Nate Benderson

"I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you have done for us. Your creation of our web site is absolutely exquisite. It is a rare occasion to find a company so easy to work with and that produces uncompromised professional results. I look forward to a continued and long lasting relationship with your company. Your integrity will insure your success."

Mike McFeely, President, The Music Station

We appreciate Ultimate Host's professional attitude and work ethic while keeping a down to earth, friendly relation with their customers. Its a winning combination.

Kristen Lynch

"I am extremely satisfied with the results of our Website. We receive bookings from around the world and we are pleased to have this opportunity to work with a company that works so hard to successfully promote us on the Internet."

Daniel L. Marinaccio, Manager, Travel USA North

My company has just signed up for your services. Currently I have only transferred 10 domains, but I must say the service is very impressive. You have a knowledgeable sales staff, responsive technical service and rockets for servers. Thank you for rescuing us from another host. Thanks Again, Jamie Belstadt

Just a quick email to let you know how happy I am with the complete hosting package you've provided. You are my fourth web hosting provider and by far the best. Connection speeds over my DSL and Ethernet line is always fast, telnet and included programming packages are second to none and your reliability is incredible. As an advanced web-hosting user, the features you provide are right up my ally and at a price I can't beat. I have already recommended you to my customers several times. Great job.

Tom Waliszewski

I would like to take this opportunity to mention what a great job you guys are doing. Your service is fast, reliable and I always get an answer to all my technical questions. Keep up the good work. Robert N.

I am really impressed by Ultimate Host. You were referred to me by a friend who really knows quality, and only works with winners. Everyone I have spoken with is professional, knowledgeable, polite and friendly. You're available to me around the clock, and this is really important to me. Your technical support is top notch, and jumps at the opportunity to be what I call "unreasonably responsible". You are my fourth web hosting company (talk about pain) and I'm sure I am finally "home". There are a gazillion pretenders out there. Ultimate Host models excellence.

Thank You Ultimate Host! I'm honored to be one of your customers.

Dana Webber, Candles Aglow.

You offer great products, great prices, and great support!
Lee Knoell

WOW!!! Can I tell you that I have NEVER had a Web Host make it so easy. Thanks! You've got a new customer!

Thank You,
Jim & Debbie Driskel

I am amazed by the friendly and enthusiastic customer service that I have received from Brent in your staff . . .Thanks, John Domagala

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